Ride to End Obesity

Ride to End Obesity – Year #3 is in full swing with a few additions. Dr. Jason Richardson (PhD Psychology) has joined the team and leads an interactive discussion on healthful living, avoiding destructive decisions, and understanding our belief system to unlock the power within. Our on-bike portion includes bike and street safety, the importance of protective gear, and includes riding games and mini competitions. We conclude each session with giveaways from our team’s sponsors.

Photo Credit: Justin Kosman.

USA BMX Oldsmar Florida

This past weekend, Dani George headed to Oldsmar, Florida for the Gator Nationals on the USA BMX National tour, which was also the first round of the year on the SX track with the big hill. Oldsmar’s schedule was 3 days of back-to-back racing, with National Points given on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, running as US National Championships for the US Elite Men and Women. All of the world’s best girls were in Oldsmar including the Olympic Champion, Mariana Pajon. So, it was a good gauge for Dani to see were she stacked up.

Even though Dani came short of a podium, she showed strong all 3 days and left Florida with some positives heading more into the season and building her form.

There’s a little break in the National race schedule now as both Dani and Anthony Dean get ready for the first World Cup in Argentina next month.

Photo Credit BMXMania.com.

Kick Start Fat Loss Announces Sponsorship of Dale Holmes BMX Racing Team

We’re stoked to announce the addition of Kick Start Fat Loss to both our 2016 Team Sponsorship line-up and also as a contributor to our Ride to End Obesity (teen program) and BMX Pro for a Week (kid’s summer day camp program). Making healthy eating and lifestyle choices is vital, as is avoiding destructive decisions and we’re all excited to have the Kick Start Fat Loss Team onboard! Check out their website, kickstartfatloss.net and on social media.

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Press release.

USA BMX Winter Nationals

First stop on the USA BMX Elite series kicked off this past weekend over in Phoenix Arizona for the traditional Winter Nationals at Black Mountain BMX, which has been on the ABA/USA BMX calendar since the early 80s. If you know anything about race history in the U.S., then you’ll surely have heard of some of the iconic Nationals & stories from over the years at Black Mountain.

With Anthony Dean still working his way back up to speed after injury, he was not in Arizona and will miss round 2 next week in Oldsmar, Florida but will be back on the gate ready to race next month for the first World Cup of the year in Argentina – he’s already itching to go.

Dani George has put in a solid winter’s training at the Olympic Training Center with Coach Greg Romero and it showed with a 3rd Friday night backed up with a 2nd place come Saturday during the mains. With Dani still in a building phase in her training for the summer, it’s great to start the season with 2 Podiums and renewed motivation for the year.

Team Manager, Dale Holmes, decided to race this weekend for a little fun finishing up with a 3rd place Friday night against the old guys who are still very competitive at this level.

In all, a good start to the year for the team. It was nice for the team to break out the new Stay Strong pits area for the season and to get to represent all of the team’s new sponsors. Next up, the team has a photo shoot this week with the 100 Percent guys and Dani heads off to Oldsmar, Florida for the next stop on the USA BMX Tour and US National Championships this coming weekend.

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Stay Strong / DHR

Poway, CA – For 2016, Dale Holmes Racing is proud to introduce the Stay Strong / Dale Holmes Racing team and its riders who will be competing in both the 2016 USABMX National Series and the UCI World Cup.

Led by team owner Dale Holmes, the Stay Strong / Dale Holmes Racing team riders include USABMX National Elite #4 for 2015, Anthony Dean, who is also currently ranked #5 in the UCI World Cup Series and podiumed 10 times throughout the 2015 season domestically and internationally.

Joining Dean, Dani George current USABMX Elite Women National #4 and UCI World Cup #7 will continue on with the Stay Strong / Dale Holmes Racing team in 2016.

The team is honored to be able to represent Stephen Murray and to continue being a part of the Stay Strong family. Stephen is and has been an inspiration to all of us.

“2015 was a great year for the Dale Holmes Racing team, especially with both Dean and George putting in a solid year and ranking well in both the USABMX and UCI World Cup Series. Dani will be spending the year at the Olympic Training Center in 2016 to train alongside Team USA and to give her the best chance of qualifying and representing Team USA at the 2016 Olympics Games in Rio. The team has seen tremendous growth in both its after school program, Ride to End Obesity, and in its summer day camp, BMX Pro for a Week, offered through a partnership with the YMCA of San Diego County. We look forward to continued growth in all areas of the team both domestically and internationally and in having both Dean and George on the gate in Rio”.

For more on Stay Strong / Dale Holmes Racing check out DaleHolmesRacing.com, RidetoEndObesity.com, StySrg.com, Facebook: Dale Holmes Racing, Instagram: @DaleHolmesRacing, Twitter: @DHolmesRacing.

Dani Update

It’s a wrap on Dani George’s USA BMX Grands and the season, making both the Race Of Champions and Grand Nationals main events and it’s looking like Dani will be National number 4 for the year end in the Elite Women’s class. Dani didn’t get the podiums she was shooting for this weekend – going in, feeling good and winning qualifying laps all weekend but just could not get the consistent finish she was looking for in the 3 main events on both days. Still, we’re pumped on Dani’s first full year with us finishing it off strong and looking forward to her building on it in 2016. Great job, Dan.

Photos by @bmxmania.com.

USA BMX Grands

A solid Saturday night and end of the season for Anthony Dean at the USA BMX Grands in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Anthony once again put himself in the main event against the World’s best and with the Pros running 3 main events, it was a real test for him especially after just coming back from a knee injury last mont, which, obviously limited his training and riding time. Still, Anthony dug deep and rode consistently and finished smart in 4th place for the night giving him an overall ranking of 4 for the year as well. Congratulations to Joris Daudet for winning all 3 mains and the title and also to Sam Willoughby and Connor Fields for making it an exciting Title Championship battle.

Photos by @bmxmania.com.

USA BMX North American Series Chula Vista

Solid weekend for the Team down in Chula Vista for the USA BMX North American Series on the Beijing SX track and DK Gold Cup West finals on the regular USA BMX, Chula Vista BMX National track both located at the noted Olympic Training Center.

Bryce Betts had a busy & successful weekend in Chula Vista. After winning Friday’s SX Open on the big hill, Bryce raced both Saturday & Sunday’s Gold Cup Finals and came in 2nd both days. On top of all of the racing, Bryce joined us at the USA BMX National Hall of Fame ceremony and dinner, where he was also reporting for BMXNews.com. All in all, a great weekend for Bryce and a big congratulations to our Sponsor and owner of Chase Bicycles, Christophe Leveque on being inducted to this year’s Hall of Fame – much-deserved.

Dani George rode consistent all weekend long but could not quite put it all together on either day’s final but still showed a good presence and is already preparing for next weekend’s race in Tampa, Florida.

Anthony Dean was feeling confident all week long going in to the race. On Friday, a slip up in the semi final (while in 3rd place through the rhythm section) cost him a place in the main but he was determind to make amends Saturday and he won laps early -taking the semi win and giving him lane choice and gate 1 for the final. Anthony, put in another strong first straight but unfortunately going into the first turn lost his back end causing him to lose speed and hit recovery mode for the rest of lap – leaving him on podium once again in 3rd place.

A great weekend for the Team — showing well and we hope to keep the momentum rolling as we head to The Gator Nationals this coming weekend in Tampa, Florida.

Big thanks to all of our sponsors for supporting the Team. Without you guys, this would not be possible and we extend our gratitude.

Chase Bicycles, Goliath Financial, Zola Clean, GEICO, Barona Casino, ride100percent, Shimano, wd40Bike, Walmart, ODIGrips, Tioga, Answer Racing, Stealth Hubs.

Images: Derek Betcher.

UCI World Cup Rock Hill

Last weekend marked the final stop on the UCI Supercross Tour in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Both Anthony Dean and Dani George were ranked in the top 10 in points and with a good showing could have moved into the top 5 in both the Elite Men and Woman’s classes. Anthony could have made it into the 3rd overall with a podium finish. The weather was troublesome, as it was raining continuously through practice, Time Trials and into Saturday night’s main show under the lights of Rock Hill at this fantastic new facility that will also hold the 2017 UCI World Championships.

Dani George was starting to feel good again after last month’s injury and once again put herself in the Elite Women’s final and heading into turn one in podium contention. Unfortunately, leader Alise Post, went down resulting in Dani getting caught up and out of the running. Still a good consistent SX season where Dani finishes 7th for the year and continues to build going into 2016.

Anthony Dean was riding all weekend with a knee injury he picked up in training but didn’t let this slow him down one bit putting himself in the final and lining up against all the big names in the sport. Not the greatest gate for Anthony, as he had to fight all the way around but still finished up with a solid 5th for the night, which also gave him enough points to finish 5th for the year in SX rankings.

Both Dani and Anthony along with Bryce will now change their focus to finish off the USA BMX season with races in Chula Vista, Tampa, Florida and the Grand Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma over Thanksgiving weekend.

Photo credit: Derek Betcher.

UCI World Cup Argentina

This past weekend was round 4 of the UCI World Cup in Santiago Del Estero, Argentina in South America. Both Dani George and Anthony Dean made the trip down with their respective National Teams, USA and Australia, looking to put in a good showing. Dani was still recovering from a crash a few weeks ago in Colorado but gave it her all during the race. Unfortunately, she didn’t progress beyond the semi final, which put her out of the main event. Despite a less than perfect performance, she still goes into the final round in Rock Hill sitting in the top 10 and with some much-needed rest, there’s little doubt she’ll finish the World Cup 2015 Season off strong.

Since the World Championships, Anthony, has been struggling a bit with mid-season burn out given all of the travel and racing, which is not unusual for this time of year. It goes without saying, Anthony had to dig deep for this one to get back on a plane for a long haul down to Argentina. Still once again, he proved how strong he is not only physically but also mentally – as he remained positive all week. Anthony rode solid all day and put himself in another World Cup final. A good gate and strong first straight, Anthony crossed the finish in 2nd place behind World Cup leader, Liam Phillips, with World Champion, Niek Kimmann in 3rd. Anthony not only hit the podium once again but also racked up more points towards Olympic qualification in 2016.

Next up, both Dani and Anthony head back to San Diego to rest up and get ready for the final World Cup of the year in Rock Hill, South Carolina before finishing up the final part of the USA BMX National series for 2016 season.

Photo credit Craig Dutton.

YMCA "BMX Pro for a Week" Summer Camp Edit

In celebration of our second year of, “BMX Pro for a Week”, summer camp through a cooperative adventure with the YMCA of San Diego County – we had a new edit done to show you first-hand a day in the life of our campers. We cover bike and street safety, the importance of wearing protective gear, why leading a healthful lifestyle is important both on and off the track and the fundamentals of BMX Racing. Our ultimate goal is to introduce the sport of BMX racing to more kids and to excite those already interested in getting more involved. We’ve been grateful for the support of our sponsors and also for the support of USABMX. Check it out.

UCI World Championships Zolder Belgium

Like most years, the World Championships is an emotional roller coaster – and this year’s was no different. With schedule changes, wind and rain it was all about adapting and dealing with it, as there was a World Title on the line. Dani George was feeling good all day despite the weather and put herself in the semi-final but unfortunately, got tangled and went down in the first straight. We know she’s disappointed but she’ll come back strong in Sweden in a couple weeks time. Anthony Dean, like always, was well-up for the challenge after crashing out in last year’s World Final. Anthony didn’t let the bad weather affect him and remained motivated all day long and put himself in the final once again. A slight wheel-spin coming out of the gate, Anthony, didn’t let this throw him off and pulled through to 3rd and 4th place going into turn one but bumped with David Graf going into turn one and went down. Anthony is focused on taking away the positives from the race, as he always does and has already set his sights on the next World Cup in a few weeks time. Congrats to Niek Kimmann for winning the title – he rode strong and smart all day long and is a worthy Champion.

Photos BMXMania / Craig Dutton

USA BMX South Park

Another good weekend for the team in South Park, PA at the Stars and Stripes USA BMX Nationals.  Anthony Dean and Dani George flew out East and both put in a good performance showing good form going into the World Championships later this month in Belgium.  South Park is one of the most fun tracks on the USA BMX tour with a lot of history – well-known for its technicality and downhill speed.  Dani started out Friday night with a good third place – and backed it up Saturday, Day #2 with a 2nd place on the podium once again.  Anthony started off with a rough weekend – crashing on Friday night’s semi-final – even though he was banged and bruised up – he soldiered through on Saturday – only to crash again during qualifying but still put himself in the main event and walked away with a great 2nd place behind, Connor Fields – adding to his points for the year-end.  Both riders are now heading back to San Diego for the last few weeks of preparation before heading out to Europe for the Worlds.

Photo Credit JPennucci Photography.

USA BMX Salt Lake

Over the weekend, the Team road tripped to Salt Lake City for the USA BMX Great Salt Lake Nationals, at Rad Canyon BMX in Utah. We had a full team line-up, good weather and a nice wide open track to make for some good racing.

Bryce Betts wanted to continue his streak this weekend but unfortunately, a small mistake on Saturday during the semi final put him out. However, Bryce returned strong on Sunday in the highly competitive, 19-27 expert class just missing the podium with a 4th place spot but still a good showing.

Dani George, along with a stacked Elite women’s class, were all in Salt Lake looking to do some damage. Dani was looking good both days during the motos but a few mistakes cost her both days in the main and resulted in finishing with a 6th and an 8th. We know Dani was disappointed but she will come back strong for the next one.

Anthony Dean was once again in fine form in AA/Elite riding strong and smart all night during Friday’s race. Anthony, after winning his semi final, looked like the guy to beat but just came out a little late in the main and locked elbows with Joris Daudet over the first jump and when you’re in lane 1 in any Elite final, that’s one mistake you cannot afford to make. Anthony still fought back and came home with a respectable 5th place but hungry for more the next day. Once again, on Saturday Anthony felt strong and confident all day long and put himself back in the main event. Not the greatest gate, but Anthony found himself mid-pack and made a clean, smart move in the first turn and took it all the way home and hit the podium once again. Great job Anthony.

Team Manager, Dale Holmes, like in Ventura last month, decided to get the bike out and raced Saturday for some fun and came home with a nice first place Trophy in 41-44 and over expert class.

In all, a great weekend for the Team. We would like to thank Robin from WD40Bike for coming along for the weekend and hanging out and supporting the Team. Great weekend.

Photos BMXMania.com.

USA BMX Nashville / Albuquerque

Over the weekend, Anthony Dean and Dani George headed out to Nashville, Tennessee for the Music City Nationals while our other half of the Team, Bryce Betts, was racing in the West at the Spring Nationals in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In Nashville, Anthony continues his consistent podium rides finishing 2nd behind Joris Daudet both days in Elite with Dani coming in 4th place both days topping off a consistent weekend for her as well. Anthony now sits well in second place in the USA BMX end-of-season points chase with some strong momentum going into the summer. In New Mexico, Bryce also had another good weekend placing 4th in Class both days and a win in Open on Saturday. Next up, the full Team will be in Salt Lake City in 3 weeks time for the Great Salt Lake Nationals.

Photos: BMXNews.com and USA BMX.

World Cup Holland

It’s been a busy month on the road for Anthony Dean starting with the 1st World Cup of the year in Manchester, England. Then, flying straight from there down under to Brisbane, Australia for the Australian National Championships. Racing on a slick course after 2 days of continuous rain, Anthony went down in the final while sitting in 2nd place behind World Champion, Sam Willoughby who also crashed out due to a wet last turn, which claimed all top 3 riders in the final. From there, Anthony hopped back on a plane again and headed back to Europe for the 2nd round of the UCI World Cup in Papendal, Holland which was held this past weekend.

Even though the travel and racing were wearing on him and he felt extremely tired, Anthony fought hard all weekend long placing 1st and 2nd up to the Final Sunday afternoon and put himself on the gate with a shot for the win with 7 others of the World’s best riders. After another solid lap it was looking like Anthony was set for a place on the Podium until a small mistake led to being passed and pushed back to 4th place over the finish line. Still, a solid ride with some good World Cup and Olympic qualification points so a good weekend all-in all.

Anthony now heads to Belgium with the Australian National Team for a Training Camp on this Summer’s World Championship track in Zolder before heading back to San Diego at the weekend for some much needed rest and recovery time.

Dani George was also in Holland for the World Cup and looking to put in another good showing after making the final in Manchester.
Unfortunately, a bad start for her in the semi final and even though it was a hard charge though the pack she could not quite get in the 4th transfer spot and ended up 5th place and just out of the Final but we know she’s a fighter and will be back.

As always, a big thanks to all our sponsors for their continued support of the program.

Photo credit: Jerry Landrum.

UCI World Cup Manchester

Dani George and Anthony Dean headed out to Manchester, England for the first round of the UCI World Cup. With the Olympics only a year away, everyone’s working for Olympic qualification points. Dani had a great start to her World Cup campaign making it through to the Elite Women’s final and placing 7th. Anthony was feeling great going into Manchester but just had one of those days where things didn’t click and he didn’t make the final. Still, with great form this year, we know it will kick in for him. Currently, Anthony is in Australia getting ready for the National Championships before both he and Dani head back out to Europe for the 2nd Round of the UCI World Cup in Holland in a few weeks time.

Photo credit: Keith Valentine, Abi Taylor, and Jerry Landrum.

Team Report USA – BMX Super Nationals

This past weekend, the Team headed out to Desoto, Texas for the USA-BMX Super Nationals. Desoto had great weather, track and facility and both our Dani George and Anthony Dean were looking to continue a great, consistent start the the year.

Dani started our Day 1 Friday night with a big win in the Elite Women class. Going into the last turn, Dani was in 2nd place and put a great pass on the girl in front getting her – her first big win of the year and maximum points toward the end of year points chase. Saturday, Day 2, Dani was looking to do the same but, unfortunately, a late gate in the main and slide out in the first turn, while coming through traffic put Dani on the ground and no chance to repeat Friday’s win. Still, no injuries and a win on Saturday makes it an unquestionably good weekend for her.

Anthony Dean was on it all weekend winning lots of laps and putting himself in the Elite Mens main event both days. Friday, Anthony placed 3rd and Saturday, day 2, Anthony backed up his Friday’s Podium with another great showing and 2nd place for the day and much like Dani can leave the weekend feeling good that everything is clicking into place for the year.

Both Dani and Anthony are now heading out to Europe to prep for the first World Cup of the season in a few weeks time in Manchester, England.

As always, a big thank you to all our sponsors and supporters of the program.

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Photos: Jason McGuire USA-BMX.

Report USA BMX Phoenix

This past weekend was the USA BMX Pro Series tour season opener at the legendary, Black Mountain BMX Track in Phoenix, Arizona.

There was an impressive turn-out in both the Elite men and Elite women’s classes and a change in the schedule with Elites now racing both Friday night and Saturday day.

Bryce Betts continues to improve – making Sunday’s main event and walking away with a solid 5th place in the 19-27 Expert Class. Between races, Bryce was seen running about the pits working on future updates/reports for BMXNews.com. Dani George made her debut for the team in the Elite women’s class – making both main events against some of the women’s best elite riders. We know Dani wants more and we’re confident she’ll get there. We’re excited to have Dani a part of our team and she fits well. Anthony Dean was coming off of solid Winter training and also a big win in Australia earlier in the year, and he was eager to put in a good performance in Phoenix. Friday night, Anthony was riding well but unfortunately crashed out in the semi-final. Saturday, was a different story. Anthony was winning laps all day and easily put himself in the main event Saturday night. When the gate slammed down in the final, Anthony took the holeshot against World Champion, Sam Willoughby, who was hot-on-his-heels – and it looked like Anthony was going to get his first, big US major win but unfortunately Sam got under him in the last turn, pushing Anthony back to 3rd. Even though he didn’t win, Anthony showed the fans and his fellow competitors, he’s going to be a major threat in 2015 and we’re excited to see what else’s in store for us for the rest of the season.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Chase, Goliath Financial, Zola Clean, GEICO, Barona Casino, ride100percent, Shimano, wd40Bike, Walmart, ODIGrips, Tioga, Answer Racing, Stealth Hubs

Photo credit: Derek Betcher.