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Ride to End Obesity

As we kick-off our 2019 Ride to End Obesity season, underwritten in large part by Barona Resort and Casino, we continue to celebrate our expansion and ultimately our ability to reach more young people with the positive message of staying active, eating well while introducing them to the sport BMX. We are excited to continue our partnership with San Diego-based, HARO Bicycles. Haro has uniquely been a long-standing leader in the cycling industry while also investing a tremendous amount back into the sport and our local communities.

Today, 30% or more of San Diego’s children in grades 5, 7 and 9 are overweight or obese according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Obesity is also one of the leading causes of preventative death and disability. EDUCATION is the key. Our Ride to End Obesity Program doesn’t just educate children and their educators on healthy habits and the dangers of obesity but also inspires our children to make positive changes. We are excited to add an additional element of STEM education into our programming this year too. Kids will learn how working on bikes and conducting their own safety checks can inspire ideas in engineering and product development. The Ride to End Obesity program will operate in both Poway Unified School District and also in the San Diego Unified School District through or partnership with Toby Wells YMCA.

PC: Justin Kosman

RTEO Collaborates with Toby Wells YMCA

Ride to End Obesity partnered with the Toby Wells YMCA yesterday in an effort to share the message of leading a healthful life and the importance of staying active. The Toby Wells YMCA serves many communities in San Diego County and one specifically, are military households. RTEO had the opportunity to host one of our Ride to End Obesity School visits at Hancock Elementary, a local school in Tierrasanta with 100% of its children from military households. And, at any given time 50% or more of these kids have a parent on deployment.

To help raise their spirits and awareness of both BMX and being healthy, RTEO brought in the crew, Jason Richardson, Rylinde Cole, Adrienne Wells Holmes, Brooke Craft, Tommy Craft, Dale Holmes and Justin Kosman to shoot some footage.

Ride to End Obesity after school program

We’re already mid-season on our Ride to End Obesity after school program tour. It’s great to see so many new faces with excitement to get on bikes. We continue to expand to serve more young people in San Diego. Next up, we will be serving children from military households with this positive message and programming through the Toby Wells YMCA.

PC: Justin Kosman

Ride To End Obesity After School program

Ride To End Obesity After School program edit with Justin Kosman filmed last week during one of our school visits. Team USA BMX Director, Jamie Staff, joined us along with our US Junior Development Team riders, Kamren Larsen, Colin Whittington and Noah Ramos. The goal is to share the message of leading a healthy life, being a hero against bullying with an introduction to BMX. For more information please visit our website,

Ride To End Obesity (School Program 2017)

This week marked the 4th year of our Ride To End Obesity School program in San Diego kicking the season off at Meadowbrook Middle School.

We were excited to invite Team USA Director of BMX and Olympic Gold Medalist, Jamie Staff, to head up the presentation on eating well, staying active, the fundamentals of BMX and what it takes to be a BMX athlete. We also welcomed US Junior Development Team rider Colin Whittington, as he shared his journey and what it takes to be a BMX athlete. Big thanks to Haro for being our Title sponsor of Ride to End Obesity this year.

Photo Credit: Joey Cobbs.

Ride to End Obesity

Ride to End Obesity – Year #3 is in full swing with a few additions. Dr. Jason Richardson (PhD Psychology) has joined the team and leads an interactive discussion on healthful living, avoiding destructive decisions, and understanding our belief system to unlock the power within. Our on-bike portion includes bike and street safety, the importance of protective gear, and includes riding games and mini competitions. We conclude each session with giveaways from our team’s sponsors.

Photo Credit: Justin Kosman.