Dvide Results from Redman Classic at Lake Perris, CA

Dvide 53 Crew, riding on the 4130 frames and all using flat pedals, had a strong showing at Lake Perris.

Jon Callicott continues to have a remarkable year representing our 4130 frame. He secured a win on Day 1 in Lake Perris on Cruiser (51-55), but unfortunately crashed out in the 20-inch main event, ending his racing for the weekend.
However, he should be back on track soon.

Dale Holmes, fresh from the first week of Summer Camp, raced on Saturday and took the win in the (51-55x) class.

Special mention to Alec Bob, who flew out from Texas for the weekend to join our Dvide crew, race, and clinch a couple of wins along the way.

A big thanks also goes out to David Rivera for capturing photos of our crew throughout the weekend.