Race Report: GT/Dvide Impresses at Bellflower BMX

Race Report: GT/Dvide Impresses at Bellflower BMX
5 Jun by Justus Standley

Bellflower, CA – June 1, 2024 – The California Championship series welcomed a new competitor as the GT/Dvide team made their debut at the Bellflower BMX track. The team, led by Dale Holmes, had a strong start, with all riders managing to secure podium finishes.

The event began with excitement, and GT/Dvide riders quickly showed their capabilities. Their preparation was evident as they navigated the track smoothly, demonstrating both skill and teamwork.

Throughout the heats, GT/Dvide riders advanced steadily. Each member of the team showcased their strengths, contributing to the overall success. The support and camaraderie within the team were apparent, helping them to achieve their goals.

In the final rounds, GT/Dvide riders competed for top positions, displaying determination and focus. The team’s effort paid off with multiple podium finishes:

Race Results
Andrew Bryson, 1st place
Maddie DeSantis, Double wins
Hailey Strouse, 2nd place
Justus Standley, 2nd place
Penelope Malcolm, 2nd place

By the end of the event, GT/Dvide had made a positive impression in the California Championship series. Their performance at Bellflower BMX highlighted their potential and set the stage for a busy summer.

GT/Dvide’s debut reflects their hard work and dedication to the sport. As they look forward to future races, the team aims to build on this strong start.

We would like to thank all our team sponsors for supporting the program.

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